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Hadn't seen that page Subs - nice one.

Tummy - from the article:

"The author prefers to avoid use of alprazolam (Xanax) for vestibular suppression, because of the potential for a difficult withdrawal syndrome. Long acting benzodiazepines are not helpful for relief of vertigo."

Maybe you should consider the *occasional* valium (2.5 mg) when things are too much. Valium has a longer half-life and tends not to create "rebound" anxiety. I've used it many times but never longer than 2-3 days in a row.

As far as Claritin goes, I can see no reason why you cannot take it:

"Loratadine is a potent, long acting antihistamine with relative selectivity for peripheral H1-receptors. Loratadine does not readily penetrate into the CNS. It exhibits greater affinity for peripheral H1-receptors than for central H1-receptors. These properties account for the observed lack of sedation. The incidence of sedation with loratadine is comparable to that of placebo."

It doesn't enter the CNS nor does it cause sedation which suggests no negative impact on compensation.

Hi Tummy,

My anixety is worse in the morning too. I have a prescription for a med in the valium class but have been reluctant to take it as well because I'm afraid it will make things worse. I may have to get it filled however, after the day I had yesterday. I was out on my daily walk for therapy and someone busted my car window and opened the trunk and stold my purse. I had my purse because I was going to try and go grocery shopping. I had my checkbook from my doctors office visit in there with some credit cards. They also got a hold of my house keys. I had to have all the locks in my house changed yesterday. So I may need that valium today.

I hope the xanax helps you.