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Yes, see your doctor to make sure your general health is'nt suffering. I've been suffering from HORRIBLE,, HORRIBLE General Anxiety Disorder which started Six months ago as a result of a Sudden Hearing Loss, and Non-stop ringing in my ears and distortion as a result! This has cost me not only Major Stress and Anxiety but Severe losses in my life (career, income, relations, etc.). My general health is fine except for the fact that this has caused Severe sleep deprevation and weight loss!
I have been to two doctors and a Psychiatrist for check ups and help through this. Hopefully your doctor WILL HELP YOU GET THROUGH IT!! All mine did was to prescribe Anti-Depressants which MADE ME WORSE!!! When I told the doctor (all three) about not getting any relief from the Anti-depressant,, they could'nt be bothered,NONE OF THEM! All this meant was they could'nt get another anxiety sufferer hooked on these so called "Wonder Drugs"! Doctors are in it for the money and could'nt care less about our mental well being! This is ESPECIALLY TRUE with psychiatrists!!!!!!!
So, all I'm saying is, there are "some" who got relief from these mind altering meds. But as you read through lots and lots of these posts on this board, you'll find there are also ALOT that did'nt!! I am fighting this battle without anti-depressants. I am trying to keep myself occupied, excercising, eating as well as possible, taking supplements (you'll find alot of great suggestions on this board), and for the really hard times,, I take a small dose of Xanax (very small). Xanax, Valium, Klonopin and related drugs in the "Benzo" family can be addicting and habit forming if abused, but if taken as needed and a relatively small dose, it will get you through the "tough" times!
Anti-depressants and benzo drugs are ONLY,, I repeat,, ONLY BANDAIDS!!!! They will NOT CURE YOU!!! They will only work while you're taking them. I'm sure you've read how many people stop taking these drugs because they "assume" they're better, when it was only the effect of the drug making them THINK they were better! Soon as they stop, a good percentage of them go back to feeling as bad (or worse) as they were before they started on these "bandaids". Therefore,, you must work on getting through the cause of your Anxiety/depression and work on curing the cause and NOT just covering it up.
Whatever way you go,,, I wish you luck, I've been there,, I'm there and I know how HORRIBLE the suffering can be,, just keep hanging in there!