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I took Xanex for awhile b4 the Doc switched me to Buspar. The Xanex was really just for really rocky times, it's too easy to start to like it too much. The Buspar keeps me level, 5 mg in the AM and 5 in the PM. Buspar is an anti-anxiety agent and not an ssri, unlike Prozak, Zoloft and the like. It's also not a Benzo like Xanex and Valium. It's no good for panic attacks, but works well on general anxiety, excessive worry and slight OCD. I was a real mess for a few months until I got on the Buspar, to the point of aching joints and muscles, along with faciculations in my calfs. I had tried Paxil and Prozak but the side effects were too bad. I guess it's not for everyone but it helped me.