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Hi Moniqu1,

I have been on Lexapro for 4-5 weeks. I now take 15mg. I started at 5, then 10, then 15. Everytime I changed doses, it was like starting over (my doc said), as far a how long it would take for the Lexapro to work its best. I do have a few valium, for the very worst days. Maybe you could get your dr. to give you something for the breakthru anxiety?!

I do not really know about the alcohol. But I read once that it is a depressant. I do not know about anxiety. Caffiene sometimes makes me feel more anxious. As does stress. I too have bad days and more good days. Probably due to the above 2 issues. Your Lexapro should be working by now. Maybe you should talk to your dr. about this?!

I hope you get this problem under control. I hope to not have any bad days in the future?! Is this a wish/hope and not a reality? Anyone else have an answer or advice for the bad days (or should there not be any?).

Good Luck, and Take care. Wannabe