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I'm sorry you're so young and having to deal with this. I know the FEAR of going to the dentist. I didn't go for 20+ years! Til I got so tired of only chewing on one side, having constant problems, and then fear of having them all pulled, etc. I finally went and was one of the fortunate ones. Needed only a few minor repairs (crown, root canal, filling) but also a really deep cleaning (root planing, I think it's called). Your post might save a few other folks from putting off going from fear alone. I asked a friend for a recommendation (dentist); I called and set up a consult--was too scared to even open my mouth at first, but she set me right at ease. She even prescribed me some valium to help get me to the appts. I can now go without it, but sure came in handy during all those procedures. She did say I was lucky to have good genes--that it was what kept me from needing more things done.

On the flip side, my sister has always gone to the dentist to try and take care of her teeth, but she's always had problems. Finally, her remaining teeth were giving way and loosening her bridges. She finally had to have them all pulled (in her early 50s). Just goes to show it's not always about going to the dentist--I guess something was wrong internally that weakened her bone/teeth (genes, diet???).

Good luck to everyone!