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to litten
waiting rooms are often a problem for anxiety sufferers you could report to the receptionist and if there will be a long wait, tell her you need to wait outside and ask her to come and call you when its your turn

panic attacks arent really all that terrible, try to relax, dont tense up or fight back and breathe deep and slow
try to get some valium as its most helpful for coping with waiting rooms, etc

it may help to write doc a letter and take it with you for him to read incase you get very nervous and panicky, remember that some docs are better at helping panic attack sufferers than others
hi everyone,

thanks for all your great help. i will use your advise... next time.

i got up this morning and just lied in bed thinking. i thought what is the point of going? i go like every 2 weeks, tell her all my symptoms and that and write down all my thoughts and everything and all she ever says/does is say im too young to go on medication, and certainly doesnt want me anywhere near valium type meds. and do excersise for 30mins a day.

so, i cancelled the appointment.

on tuesday 22nd nov for every tuesday for 4 weeks ive been set up with a stress counciling course for 2 hours a day. got the letter through today. so i guess ill just see how that goes...