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with suffering 2.5 weeks of lightheaded and dizzy spells along with sinus pressure and stuffed nose and cough, i went to dr yesterday. most of symptoms went away but the pressure in my head, nose and roof of mouth along with the lightheadeness(really scares me) is still there.

dr. looked at my ears and said i had fluid in them and that's probably why i'm lightheaded/dizzy. he prescribed Zyrtec-D and Flonase to help dry them out along with my sinuses. Also gave me some Valium to help with the dizziness -however, a potential side effect of Valium IS dizziness.....

was wondering if any of you suffered from fluid in the ear and how long did it take to clear up...were you also lightheaded-want to make sure that this IS what's causing the feeling for me....very scared and concerned with being out by myself in fear of me passing out! Also, what meds did your dr prescribe?