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Hi Petalz
you do need lo learn some more coping skills, self help books and courses have lots of useful info and advice, the anxiety clinic should also help if you arent too anxious or panicky when there

the 2 meds mantioned may help so do try them, try also to get some valium or similar, very helpful on the bad days and goes well with the other meds
Thank you for your reply. Will the Valium leave me drowsy? I have a 2 month old with colic who needs loads of attention and I'm scared of being drugged up. I have never been on valium. In the hospital after my c section I was on perqeset(sp) for pain relief and had to ask them to cut my doseage in half as it left me dopey.I seem to react really strong to narcotics.
valium isnt a narcotic its a benzo, yes all benzos can make you drowsy for the first few days until your system gets used to them so start with a very small dose by splitting the tablet to see how it effects you
anxiety sufferers always make good mothers and are always able to help their babies when needed

fear of being disabled by a panic attack and unable to look after the baby is common but never happens :)