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Hi Lizzy,

Your history sounds very similar to mine, so I had to chime in here. I'm on day 6 of going cold turkey off of norco's (at the point I chose to stop, I was down to 8-12 a day-- but at one point not so long ago, I was taking 25-30 a day). I too was sick with a flu/sinus infection/"crud" when I started the c/t process. I was afraid that would actually make it worse, but now looking back-- I think it was actually a little easier (especially mentally. I could honestly use the "I have the flu" excuse without lying). I took my last pills at 5 P.M. this past Saturday evening, and by 2 A.M. I was starting to hurt. I was armed with valium (something I normally do not take nor do I enjoy taking, so it really knocked me out), benadryl, clonidine (a blood pressure medicine- but I found I really didn't need it at all), immodium, and advil. To be perfectly honest with you, I was one of the VERY lucky one's. I didn't really suffer at all. I slept through the first two days, and have just been taking it easy, watching DVD's, taking hot baths, etc. since then. Physically, I've felt completely fine for the past 2-3 days now--just still kind of "wiped out" and not much energy. I hope and pray the fatigue goes away soon though, as this lethargic feeling is what makes me crave those evil little pills again.

It's so weird to be typing this to you now, because just last week at this time I would read stories of others that have gone cold turkey, and all I could think of is how badly I wanted to be one of those "success stories". Of course, the hardest part is yet to come-- staying away from the pills, but that is something I plan to work on day-by-day (or even minute-by-minute).

Just set your mind to it-- you CAN do it. Sometimes it takes the suffering and the agony of the withdrawals to make us realize how badly we never want to go back to that lifestyle.

Just like each and every special person on this board-- you have so much to live for and so many people that care about you. Most importantly though, do this for YOU! Good luck and please keep updating us.