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Hi Daniel,

You were smart to come here. The Health Bds. are very supportive! I first tried reading and practicing what the books said, about anxiety and stress. You need to learn how to breath the correct way. That calms me down somewhat.

Then if that does not work or do enuf for you, go to your family dr. (which you probably already have). Mine gave me valium to use - just on occasions where I really needed it, and very low level. Then he tried to refer me to a physchiatrist. But my insurance will not pay, unless I am totally crazy !!! So, my GP game me lexapro. It works very well. I just do not know if they will give it to someone that young! It does take at least 1 mo. to work, so I still use valium every now and then, but much less!!!

You do need to go to work. The busier you are (and me), the less anxiouss and stressed you are!

Take care and I am sure others will write in the am.