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Has anyone here tried Valium for nighttime anxiety?

Anxiety has been my biggest problem in perimenopause. Last year it was over the top and over every little symptom that occurred.

You asked about valium. My gyn prescribed for me xanax to take as needed. It like, valium, is an anti anxiety med and they say one can have a dependency on it if taken regularly which of course is the big drawback. I had taken it before peri just twice a year when we fly at Christmas time as I am not a good flyer. But then in peri when they prescribed it for anxiety, I took it at night (and have this year too) but not often. Even last year when I took it for a longer period of time (over a couple months but not every day) I did not find I had a hard time stopping it. I just do not think I took it that long to get to that point. So what I am saying is, I think if you want to take something like that , on an as needed basis from your doctor , it does help. I know that when I have been faced with anxiety as you are at night it did help.

I also have had the morning anxiety and of course would not be taking anything like xanax or valium for that as it makes one sleepy. What I did for that was to just as another poster said, get up and going and exercise and try to just get on with the day. But boy it was hard. I found it as hard as the night time anxiety.

Another board member, Judenz, spoke of anxiety a long while ago and methods she used at night and I tried them a couple times and it did help. One of the methods was to just picture a slate and then start focusing on a number , like 25 almost like you were writing it on the board. Then count backwards, writing the next number, and so forth. It is like you are trying to focus on something other than the anxiety. It did help me to sleep earlier this year when the night time anxiety crept back up on me. It comes and goes for me and earlier this year as I said it reappeared.

I am taking fish oil complex also now since Hellas and others have talked so highly about the great results they have gotten from it. I take Natrol brand which is what Amy another board member suggested as it helped her and has borage and flax in it. I have only been taking it I think at the most 2 weeks, so I don't know if I can be a good judge on whether the effects will be the same for me. But I do think I am a little less anxious about things, and that says a lot for me. Not a huge amount less but it is a start!!

Hope that this all helps and hope you have a better night tonight.

Take care,