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Great..I just typed a very detailed response..somehow zap it's gone...so I'll try again.

You didn't say if you thought you were an addict and you didn't say how long you had been using. I recently stopped a 60 - 95 mg per day habit of Lortab (hydrocodone & tylenol). I tried to taper many times with professional help. I could not do it. If I had access..I took them and then expended much energy finding ways to get more more more. Full steam ahead.

I went cold turkey from a dose of about 50 - 60 mg a day which is as low as I ever got. I just stopped. It is tough. The physical withdrawl is like a case of the flu. The worst physically is the first 3-4 days, oh but then the emotional demons and the cravings begin and for me this was the toughest part. I am at about 40 days clean and the cravings still kick my butt on a regular basis. They can go on for years...and can reappear unexpectedly. In the last two days, I am just beginning to feel like I can do this and I am really FINISHED.

Everyone will have different suggestions. Take what you can use and leave the rest. Whether you taper or cold turkey...you will have some discomfort. When I was trying to taper I felt sick every single time I had to drop a few milligrams..in the end cold turkey was easier because I just got it over with instead of feeling bad physically over and over again.

Here are some suggestions simply based on my experience:
Advil for body aches and headaches
Hot baths - plenty of them
Valium - 5mg for anxiety and sleep (limit to first 2-3 days ONLY)
Immodium for stomach symptoms
Gatorade or similar - keep hydrated
Eat small amounts when tolerable to keep stregnth
Rest if possible..naps when able
Get outside some...get a little sun on your face..walk around
Keep yourself occupied - movies, books
Talk to others who have been there - this board is a start
Consider NA meetings or support group of peers who can lend support and encouragement - do not discount the value of this - you cannot believe how helpful it is

Once through the physical part...the support group can be even more helpful because this is when the true battle begins. The cravings can last days, months and I've heard years. I am living proof they can sneak up on you. I had almost 11 years clean from an opiate addiction before this relapse. Don't get me wrong..taking the pills was a CHOICE..we all have one...but I was not expecting to end up where I am now. Do we ever?

Just a few personal suggestions. You will hear others. As I said take what you can use and leave the rest. But bear one thing in mind...you must be brutally honest with yourself and others. It is so easy to deceive yourself.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.