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Long story short..I had no problem with the facility itself it was a beautiful & apparently well run place - the only problem I had was with the method of getting me approved for inpatient and with the diagnosis they used to get it. They wanted to put me in the eating disorder unit without clinical basis. I confirmed through the insurance company they had used this to get me approved. It is sometimes very hard to get insurance approval for opiate detox inpatient. I don't have an eating disorder..never have and I hope never will. I am 5'7" and 112 lbs - I am thin and have been all my life. I eat like a horse..I do not binge, purge, take laxatives or anything of the sort..by body type is genetics. My son, my father, my grandfather..we're all small framed. Anyway...they were not honest with me and after waiting over 2 hours they finally came out and told me I was going to the lock down eating disorder and severe emotional trauma unit instead of the substance abuse unit. I was not comfortable with it and I felt they had been very dishonest with me.

I called my friend who is a P.A. with an Addictionologist and ask if there was another way. I did a cold turkey detox at home over a 1 week period with medical support. I took 10 days off work (including weekends) and just did it. I took valium for anxiety and sleep the first 3 days then no more. Other than that I only took advil, immodium, vitamin supplements, gatorade, hot baths, etc.. No other prescription meds.

You are taking ALOT more medication than I was on a daily basis. I was taking 60 - 90 mg of Hydrocodone a day..still an opiate but less than you are taking. That being said you may still be able to do something outpatient if you are motivated and cut off your sources. You must really really want to change to get through it.

This is why I recommended earlier you research other methods. See if you can find a doctor in your area who is a board certified addictionologist. You might be able to do so through the web or through your states physician licensing board. My primary care doc is an Addictionologist and is a recovering alcoholic..his PA is one of my best friends. There are lots of resources...you just have to find the one that works for you.

Also..in relation to your church family. If you feel comfortable going to them there may be resources through them too. I was not comfortable going to my pastor. That is up to you, it's certainly worth a try if you feel like you are comfortable doing it there may be value in doing so. But i urge you to move forward somehow while you are motivated to do so. This is a very slippery slope.