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Spasms?yes both legs,can only stay seated for about ten to fifteen minutes then HAVE to get up and shake out the pent up energy in my legs or they go into really nasty spasm.I get this spasm crap when I wake up in the morning too.really bad then.i have recently started taking one half of a 5mg valium now(right when I wake up) and that seems to help things just a bit anyway.can also relate to the 'groan' mine happens mostly when ever i am trying to lower myself down or up from the toilet.
i don't have actual groin pain but I do have the problems with the urination,although the nocturnal bedwetting i have appears to be getting actually better.i have what is called brown sequard syndrome?it was caused by the damage to my thalamic tract this also caused the central pain syndrome in my l arm on up over the top of my shoulder blades.but the BS syndrome causes the loss of feeling to hot cold and surface pain.For some reason I still feel the deep pain of the RSD and other structural damage i have inside of my knee.i still can feel even the finest touch but have lost that ability to actually "feel' the finer touch?so of course(i have this from just below my R breast ,over exactly to the middle,i mean dead center from the belly button on over,and then down exactly half of the R side of my body)i can only feel that "good' sensation on one side of the genital area which makes even trying to have any sort of an orgasm almost impossible.that really is depressing.walking a straight line is okay except in the morning or right when I get up and try to walk.once I get started,things will usually be okay.no shaking or actual tremors to speak of(at least not yet anyway,lol)

i am just constantly having bizarre neuro sensations and really freaky types of pain.no two days in a row are ever the same for me.something is al;ways a bit different when I wake up from the way it was when I went to bed the night before.i have five actual seperate pain generators that all have their own particular type of pain sensations.
as if all that crap wasn't bad enough,i also have polycystic kidney disease which also involves my liver.it also has caused my most recent devistating dx of a brain aneurysm.i tell ya,i am like just paranoid to even wake up in the morning as it seems every day there is some new nightmare to have to deal with.this last nightmare was actually just Dxed about a month ago.talk about scarey.wow,this one was not expected at all.i had an angio done about a week and a half ago to try and determine the best way to treat this little SOB.i was told before the angio that trying to coil it or even clip it would probably not be possible due to the spot the thing is actually at.but thank god,after the rad did the angio he determined that it IS indeed coilable,god what a relief that was to actually hear.it sits inside of the L superior cerebellar artery and is kinda up against my brainstem.It is in a bend right before a junction with another artery and that was why he did not think it could be coiled.So i was having a hard time just dealing with the fact that i actually had this timebomb inside my brain and there was nothing they could really do but monitor it.Sooo, the coiling thing was great to hear,believe me.i am set to have it done on the 14th of this month,and am really rather terrified,you know?i am having some really strange symptoms and some nasty migranes along with this thing.like i wasn't having enough crap going on already.i am trying to stay positive but who knows what tomorrow will bring for me??god life just sucks sometimes.marcia