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Hi to all of the beautiful souls here. You don’t even know how you all saved my life. Thank you. Having my life back again feels exceptional. On to the story,

I had to share what happened the other day. It’s a sad situation. Yesterday I paid a visit to a friend who had just gotten out of the hospital because of depression. One of his other friends was there visiting as well. I was introduced to "Jimmy" and we all talked for a for a while. We took turns telling stories and trying to one up each other all night. “ Jimmy “ was nice and had been around and seemed to be a regular guy. I left and drove home with a smile on my face thanking the Lord for another day of life and for the beautiful sunset.

Today I called my friend to see how he was feeling. He said he was feeling pretty good except for one thing. He told me that “Jimmy" went to sleep that night after he took him home and did not wake up the next morning from respiratory depression. He passed away in his sleep.

. My friend said “Jimmy “had taken around 10 methadone 10mg and twelve 10 mg valium as well as some hydrocodone but no alcohol at all. We all know it could be more but I am stunned because of the things I used to mix together. I was so stupid, lucky,and blessed.

Gone, Dead, Just like that. It just struck me like a lightning bolt to the head to meet someone one day and they die the same night you meet them?!!!? The thing that made it worse was I had done similar things a few years ago. Someone had to call the life squad for me a couple of times but I was invincible. Aren't we all? Wow!! Everyone who thinks it can't happen to them as I used to, needs to get their head out of the sand and realize it can.

This is the only place I can talk about things like this. I also think people should know the mix of some pills and not necessarily the amount can KILL you.

Good morning all.