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hello all I'm joining in ,
just wanted to know what you are doing about the anxiety..all symptoms mentioned are the normal, a pain but all manageable, they really are, if you have ever read about me, I used to be a big mess.... but can now live in the moment, thats the key, I have mentioned Dr wayne dyer, he changed my entire life, I still take valium when needed, have a mild anti depressant, I fought that one , I'm anxious not depressed! But gave in, and I dont wake up with any anxiousness anymore.
If I can be of any help just ask...I'm not fully healed but feel as good as it gets for now. I think one will always have that anxious feeling, but if you can get your head around that its you alone that is putting in the negatives in your brain, ie I feel stressed or panicky, then thats what you will become because that is all you are telling your brain and it is only sending back the signals that you are giving it, it really does make sense, if you stop and think about it. We spend so much time telling ourselves that we dont feel well, so why dont we spend more time tellingl our brain that we do feel good.
We can control irrational thoughts , it takes alot of practice, and I mean a lot!
The only way you can feel a negative emotion is to focus on what MIGHT happen, or what you DONT want to happen in the next minute , day week.
When you change to thoughts of what you do want to happen instead of what you DONT want to happen you will
get those good results.
I hope this is making some sense to every-one.
best wishes and good happy thoughts