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A larger dosage of the Xanax would help. Talk with your doctor though, always.

Maybe even a more sedating benzo like Valium. Perhaps you could inquire about this medicine.

Last night I took 1mg of Xanax because it was terrible.. I normally take .25mg to .5mg, and I slept through the whole night, and didn't even remember falling asleep.

My doctor is okay with this.

I also take Remeron and Elavil.
Yeah I have tried Klonopn Wafers... They don't compare to Xanax at all, in my opinion.

Klonopin seemed like a sugar pill, Xanax actually works.

Yeah, well.. I didn't do it to pass out ya know.. It was late at night anyways. But since it was really bad, I needed a larger dose.

I believe when Xanax was studying XR they had people taking 6mg/day.

So that's like 6X what I took!

My dentist gives people Valium before fillings, it really is more sedating than the others...

but a large enough dosage of any of them will provide more relief....

i think that 1mg is definitely in the safe range.... heck I could be taking 3mg/day if I wanted to.. but don't...

especially if you have a tolerance to them...

I would definitely recommend it.

Always talk to your doctor though, I'm not a doctor... just a dang sufferer! I have IBS, too... So the combination of the two... Whoaaaa, makes it difficult sometimes!
to aleigh
the paxil should be helping a lot with your anxiety, your dose is midrange but I suspect the paxil isnt working for you, this can happen, the paxil can work a while then stop or sometimes never works, many docs dont know this
with paxil working you should be calm with normal anxiety levels, I would ask doc about tryoing some other antidepressant, later keeping in mind that paxil for some is difficult to stop so dont quit cold turkey
for plane flights the answer is a seriously large dose of any valium type meds, xanax and klonapin together are fine, inderal also is fine

a benzo dose that normally may have you so sedated that you cant stand or walk is OK as the extra fear cancells out the sedation
do not drive on the day of the flight however, a largish dose should be taken about 1 hour before the flight with more tablets for an extra dose if needed on the plane, it helps to let them know you are a nervous passenger