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Hi everyone/anyone,

I know, I have been posting on someone elses thread, talking to gingertea, but here are some questions that I need answered.

Some history: I went to my gynocologist yesterday, because he called me to talk about my mammogram (yearly). My husband went with me for support. The doctor said that my breasts were very dense and that I had a 1cm node in my upper left quadrant of my left breast. He wanted me to get a diagnostic/compression mammogram and a breast ultrasound. One hospital I could go to, would take 3 weeks to get in and the other one that is 1 hr. away (Hermann Hospital/Houston) would take 1 week. I chose the 1 hr. away one. I called and they gave me an appointment on Friday!!! It is sort of a relief (not as long to go beserk) to get it done so fast!

Also, when each procedure is done, if needed and if they can or have room, they can go ahead and do either the needle aspiration or a nodule/lump biopsy in the same day! Would be nice!!

These are my questions:

Does a compression/diagnostic mammogram hurt? I hear that they squash your breast a lot harder. And do they do it with the same type of machine as a yearly mammogram?

Also, is a breast ultrasound done the same way a abdominal ultrasound is? Or is it different?

More ?s:

If needed, does a needle aspiration hurt much? Do they give you pain or valium meds? Is it a big needle?

And, how does a lump/nodule biopsy work? Does it hurt, do they give you pain meds or valium?

I would appreciate any answers, stories or help. Thanks in advance.