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i would like to say i guess im a success story i was first diagnosed with panic disorder but there wasnt a whole lot known about it so they threw valium at me which didnt work i then ended up with agoraphobia and started having very bad tachycardia attacks which were correctly diagnosed as PAT and a prolapsed mitral valve with the click not the murmur once they put me on lanoxin and inderal i have not had a panic attack or a tachycardia attack since 1985 i always tell people to have the docs rule out any thing physical before saying you have panic disorder because there are physical maladys that can cause you to have panic attacks but dont give up be firm and there is help out there no matter what it is and there is better meds out there so you dont have to suffer with this take care and hang in there
HI Guys
I had my first attack when trying to get on a bus, 21years old, fled home , cried, didnt know what was wrong.When I say Home I was in another country! I spent months getting more afraid of everything, thats when I started on valium.
I had a few years of relief..dont know why, I was sometimes just edgy, but we were quite the party people, so a lot of Booze to help over come the bigger things.
Could still function relatively well day to day, then one day I opened the door to take kids to school and I just couldnt step outside. Looking back there was a bit of a build up, but I couldnt leave the house at all. Husband not supportive, so that started my quest for some peace.
I was so panicky even in my home, Talking on the phone, someone knocking on my door threw me into sheer panic , terror more like it, despair, tears, wine, more tears,now had friend to take kids to school, now had friend driving me to doctors! I have tried all medication known to man-kind I think, I had hypnotherapy,acupuncture, bach flower remedy, massages,spiritual healing, therapy and on it kept eating at me, panic, anxiety, depression. Depression because of the anxiety.
I lived like this until I read one of Dr Wayne Dyers books, and I am going to agree wholeheartedly with immortal 19.
It just clicked in my brain, why do I feel so bad,? why do I feel like this,? not rocket science, it was me all the time, I put all the bad thoughts in my head. I told myself I dont feel good, I CANT do that or this, once I realized that I had the POWER, no-one else, There was no-one else to blame but me! giving myself negative thoughts. We are totally resposible for every thought that we give ourseleves.
We with anxiety spend so much time focusing on the bad things,bad thoughts, that if we spent as much time saying good things, positive, then there is no way we can feel bad, so replacing bad thoughts with good thoughts was the key for me.
I think Mjewell is talking about me on the anxiety board, ?
Nope didnt grow out of it, just if you sit for awhile and think only about this very moment, then there is nothing to fear, no future to fear and no past to regret, just simply right here ,right now, You cant have fear in this given moment as you are now doing it and its not fearful.
Bad thoughts will not produce good outcomes, if you keep thinking the way you are thinking now, then you will keep living the way you are living now.
Change your thoughts and you change your life.
It takes quite bit to master, but it can be done.
Update on me now, pretty good....no change that to life is pretty darn wonderful...( I still work hard at living in this very moment.)Oh I am now 47, and still keep valium in bag....just incase..and take a very mild antidepressant.

okay enough on me.....next please..
I hope you all find the peace , you have it all inside of you.