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I have suffered from depression for about 10 years now, and last year I decided to try Prozac. I took the medication for about 10 days, and I hated the side effects, it gave me butterflies in my stomach in the morning and it just made me feel wired. Needless to say, I stopped taking it, and the depression and butterflies went away. A friend of mine did the same thing with Paxil for her anxiety. She took it for about 10 days, and stopped because of the side effects. She now feels great. I tried Paxil, but it gave me more anxiety.

Anyway, now I have anxiety without depression. I was wondering if the Prozac could have caused this or reversed it.

I am now going to the MD tommarrow for the anxiety. I was wondering if anyone can tell me which SSRI will help my anxiety without as many side effects as the Prozac. I am hoping that she can give me something that will help my anxiety, like the Prozac, but without reversing the problem to depression. I don't want a temporary fix to the problem like xanax or valium. I want something that will correct whatever chemical imbalance may be going on in my head.
I agree that anxiety sufferers should start with a very low dose of an antidepressant and slowly increase it
xanax or any other valium type med helps to reduce early side effects, the antidepressant must be given uo to 6 weeks to start working properly

dont be too proud or stubborn to take meds, life is short :jester: