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Hi Arizona
look up fight or flight response on the net also look up GERD which is common with panic attacks
alprazolam or any other valium type med in a large enough dose will greatly reduce any panic attacks and works fastest if disolved under the tongue, klonapin wafers are especially designed for panic attacks but may not be available in your area

the lexapro takes 2 to 6 weeks to work and sometimes never works, yes if it didnt help your dad it may not help you, but there are several other types of antidepressants to try that may help, however at present you need valium type meds which sadly many docs wont prescribe
there has been much brainwashing of the medical profession to prescribe antidepressants only for panic attacks and anxiety , sadly
a psychiatrist specialising in panic attacks at the ER would almost certainly have given you an injection of valium which works like magic

stay with us, when panicky, breathe deep and slow, above all avoid rapid shallow panting which can bring on hyperventilation, adding more problems