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You can go on forever..thats what we are here for.
At the moment the mind over matter doesnt seem to be working hence the need for some medication.I really was like you with extreme agorophobia thrown in just for abit of xtras, couldnt , wouldnt leave the house.!
The A/d and perhaps some valium will help, its no stigma to take pills, and It sounds lke you need a boost, I've been on a mild anti for years, and valium when needed.
When you take a bath , just think about each thing you are doing slowely, ie, watch the water run, slide in gently, but keep telling yourself this feels good, this feels good, you need to change the thoughts that you are telling yourself.
Get the positives happening, but you have to practice, everytime a fear enters in your head, stop and think "now why did I tell myself that, so stop and think what you are saying to yourself all the time and I mean all the time,
Concentrate on your breathing , count out loud.. nice consistant breathing, while repeating I feel calm, at first your brain will resist but you have the power to overcome it coz you are in charge of your brain , no-one else.
Its all hard repititious work, I feel good, I feel calm,and dont give up..... that old saying love yourself, thats what needs to be applied, take time out to sit and think of nothing, just how much you enjoy sitting doing nothing, be aware of your surroundings, and say life is good.
Do you get my meaning?
The weed, some can smoke and it helps them to relax, others it makes them worse, so its your call. I think I would give it a rest until you have only positive thoughts happpening.....honestly believe me, it does work.
( I used to have a problem in the shower! fastest ever, terrified and I mean terrified that I would get stuck in there, and the kids would need me , house could burn down, I'm not joking and I look back and go what the hell was I telling myself !) Coz it was me and me alone telling myself these negative things. So I changed to positive, I feel great lalala..and on, but you have to work it girl.
Start with breathing, find an affirmations tape.
I will be here if you need help.
Where do you live??