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hey everyone,

you all prob know my story by now, but if not ill just quickly outline it, im a 19 year old healthy female. had panic attacks since 16 and every day getting worse, im on beta blockers, have been for the last nearly 3 years now.

so, i live in england, and my doc wont prescribe me anything else to help, i feel i have SEVERE anxiety, and have like 20 or more panic attacks a week. (had all sorts of tests to rule out other things and was fine.)

my question is, is anyone in england on any valium type meds eg xanax? because im always on these boards, and a lot of you talk about your meds, but i think a lot of you are from america. is anyone who lives in england on anything?

thanks for reading. please, any replies will be welcome..
deep slow breathing helped me a lot
most anxiety sufferers are far too sensible to become addicted to valium type meds, IMO they should only be taken as needed

prozac and other antidepressants sometimes help with both depression and anxiety, or sometimes one or the other only or occasionally neither

several different antidepressants may need to be tried to find the help you want

older docs are sometimes less antivalium, stress that you are an anxiety sufferer and not a drug addict who has run out of drugs
Im in england (lancashire). Doctors here seem reluctant to prescribe valium type meds, and seem to opt for SSRI's.
The only occassion i was ever given diazapam was when i had a bad attack and went to a&e, then they only gave a 48hr supply.
Personally i think its the 'stiff upper lip' approach from british doctors, that are also affraid of being sued if you became addicted.
Our gp practice doesnt even like prescribing seroxat because of all the hype over that being addictive.
Its very frustrating, when obviously people on these boards find valium etc helpful....