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So you do think that my taper is acheivable ? I am confused about the vicoden that I took this weekend. I mean I know I have a problem, I know I am trying to quit and taper down. Why would I go looking for this stuff, I did not know what was in the cabinet, I knew there was a good chance that there might be some sedatives, xanax or valium or something like that. But when I seen the vicodens it changed everything, I left them alone right then but that is all I could think of, I had never used them before. It wasn't an hour later I was up their not even knowing exactly what they were or the mgs I took two bam right like that, and I did not miss my perc doses either. So there I am again around bed time wondering how much I had taken and if I was even going to wake up in the morning. Those feelings not knowing if your going to live through the night did not scare me out of trying it again the next day only this time I added a few beers, I guess it was like oh well that didn't kill me let me try this, God that is sick.