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Having had numerous heart tests in London, several specialists and cardios have said it's anxiety. I'm seeing a pschologist, who has put me on anti-depressants, and am taking lorazapam valium (don't know what the generic name in the US is). Valium seems to be the only release I get from the chest, neck pressure and shortness of breath all day.

I know doc's are worried about addiction with valium, but what actual harm does the drug do? So far it is the only thing that helps me get on with my life (ie - not laying on the sofa, holding my chest all day, getting paronoid that this is never gonna end.) Havw tried the relaxation exercises that the doctors have advised and they'v been no help at all. Van anyone empathise?

thanks for any help you cna give. After two and a bit years this is starting to get me down in a bad way. :confused:
Lorazapem is the generic for Ativan in the United States...

Are you sure you aren't taking Ativan, which is a 'valium type' medicine (benzo)?
if an antidepressant can be found that works for you it will help a lot
many of us do rely on valium and similar meds, being far too sensible to ever become addicted, no harm is done, some having been on high doses daily for 20 or more years
IMO valium is best taken only as needed and not every day, carry a few tablets with you when out and disolve 1 under the tongue at the start of a panic attack
a beta blocker med should also help, ask doc these meds are all out of patent and not very profitable, so are not advertised for anxiety and docs seldom think of them accordingly
all 3 meds go well together, especially stay on valium if starting an antidepressant

keep trying with relaxation as it helps a lot, gentle exercise and long walks are very relaxing
Being on valium for 20 odd years, feel qualified to answer! SRmom is right ,as is hry, take only when needed tho, as you can build a tolerance.
The only long term side effects that have ever been mentioned to me in all the doctors I have seen is that long term use of valium can yellow your teeth and make them abit chalk like over the years. Thought at the time hell is that all, pleased to say am 47 have all my teeth and they are white and strong.
Say you need a valium type med everyday. What if you are careful not to go up in your dosage? Would that still be more harmful to be on that long-term, as opposed to being on an SSRI long-term? I'm on Lexapro and am getting really sick of the sexual side effects. I also am concerned about my brain making less seratonin because of being on a SSRI long-term. Does this also happen if you're on a valium med for a length of time? Does anyone know?
If the valium is working on a daily basis and you feel you dont need an a/d, then I would give up the a/d, I do not think they are harmful, but if you took a valium everyday wouldnt you need to perhaps take another the same day if you got panicky or anxious? Its harder to get valium on a daily basis, nothing wrong with it, its just a big bussiness for doctor's to prescribe a/d's instead.

I do know that my a/d and valium go hand in hand, a/d at night leaves me less anxious, than if I wasnt taking one, therefore If I didnt take it, I would be relying on the valium more.
Have you talked to your doctor about changing your a/d?
Are you doing anything else to help yourself?
Although I am new here to the board today, this is a topic I am very familiar with as I have taken Valium on and off for nearly 15 years. What with a life of agoraphobia/panic disorder, the only med that has ever helped me through it all has been Valium.

I have never needed an increase in strength and there have been times I have used it for months on end. When the worst of my symptoms finally begin to recede, I slowly wean myself off and btw the only dose I have ever needed is 2mg. tabs. During the multi panic attacks daily however, I was taking a total of 4 mgs. at my highest with my doctor's advice.

If this helps you and heaven knows we have to find something to rely on in order to cope, manage, exist or whatever you want to call it, then use it.
I don't much care for Ativan as it is in and out of your system too quickly leaving you having a quick peak/valley result of coverage. Valium does stay in your system longer but the benefit there is you have an even, balanced, longer calm, you take less medication and slim chance of a sudden panic attack creeping up on you.
Common sense comes into play of course and with that and the monitoring of a humane doctor, you can manage to keep many of the symptoms under control.
Best wishes, Chia..