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You are young and you know you have a big responsiblity looking after your child, but you have a great life ahead of you. Everyone gets panic attacks some time in their life and also depression. I think it is a part of growing and maturing and being able to handle life itself. Do you have a good friend to talk to who will listen? "A problem shared is a problem halved" ( a little quote I know). Change is sometimes frightening but also a new door is opening for you. Go through it and pray for God to take the anxiety from you. Embrace this great life. I am older and have been through a period of depression when I was about 25. Then in those days they gave you valium. I was like a zombie so after 4 weeks on it, I decided to get off it and get into work. I may be one of the fortunate but I love life and look forward to every day. Do you get any time to yourself? If not you need to try and find someone to look after your child, i.e., family member if possible and go do something for yourself. I wish you all the best and remember to take care of yourself. :) I am here if you need any more encouragement.