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It's hard for me to believe that she'll be cured either. It's just my belief that there is no cure for addiction. I believe I must treat my illness just as any other illness. Use the tools and/or medications for life. My medication is for depression. My tools are the internet/website recovery places such as this message board, CA/NA meetings, sponsor, recovering addict friends as well as non-addict/non-using friends, family, working the 12 steps and lots and lots of prayers. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Keep us posted. Encourage her into a 12 step program if you get the chance. There are people there who's drug of choice is the same as hers/mine, that have been clean 20 years. So we know it can be done by following the steps "One Day At A Time".

I didn't really mean 'cured.' I meant that she'll stop drugs since her bf is very much into NA meetings and I assume that these people that 'heal' are very knowledgeable in instruction on how to stay clean. But I still am pessimistic since it's such a brief episode that she'll be going through. Plus, I have never heard her express any desire to stop. In fact, she always acted like she felt terrific after a xanax induced nap. She'd say, "I took a 3 hr nap and I feel like a new person!' That's one of the reasons it's so hard to stop tranquilizers:
the SAME reasons you started using are STILL there when you stop. And you find that, yep; you're nervous and they calm you just like always. You can't sleep and they relax you to sleep like always. So most go back to taking them. With crack, it's different. Why? Because when coming down off of that stuff you feel lousy, from what I've read, and want more. The one and only way you feel bad coming 'down from' xanax is Only If you take too many.
If you take one or two there is no crash. So it's less stigmatized. For instance, most so called "respectable" people will openly say, "I need a valium" or, "I got my valium prescription renewed" whereas with crack there is a MUCH more secretive, "underworld" approach. I hear of crack arrests with handcuffs - even see them on tv - but where have you seen a person get arrested for having a valium in their car??
Hi mrscartagena - welcome. Please start a new thread so we can keep track of you. Congrat's on your 2nd day...glad you made it back.

Who among us doesn't have other issues? How many are truly "dual diagnosis" and just don't know it because they were never diagnosed? I think co-occuring depression, bi-polar disorder, etc.. are pretty common in addicts - maybe not 100% - but I'll bet it's up there. Either it doesn't get diagnosed because we are self medicating or we fear admitting to ourselves that there might be another problem complicating things?

I am now on anti-depressants for the first time in my life - but I probably needed to be long ago. :D I can certainly tell a difference in how I feel.

Just wanted to welcome you. We will look forward to getting to know you.

SusanGene - your daughter won't stop because her boyfriend is in NA. We addicts don't stop for ANYONE but ourselves. Maybe for a little while to keep up a good appearance to the person we want to impress - we might even fool ourselves into thinking we are doing it for them & will stay clean - but sooner or later along comes a bump in the road, a rift in the relationship, a spat or a disagreement - it's as good an excuse as any to use if you're not there for the right reasons. We must be sick and tired of the circle of self destruction, somewhere at a personal bottom and entirely ready to reach out a hand for help.

I sincerly wish there was some magic solution and we could wave a magic wand to fix every addict who is suffering and every family member being pulled along with them. I certainly can sense your frustration and pain - it can't be easy for you to ride this roller coaster and pray every time that this is the last time.

I've never heard of the "releasing" ritual you speak of. I'd be interested in what is involved and the success rate if you know anything about it. Always interested in learning about new things to help treat addiction or ease the process in any way. You never know when it will help someone else. So many different things work for different people.

My husband used to speak of "sweat lodges" - there is a large Indian Reservation in his home town near where he originally got clean & sober 15 years ago. He used to go to these lodges and pray & meditate and the sweat lodge apparently was intended to help remove the toxins from your body. Interesting concept - he certainly swears that it helps you feel so much better during the detox process. He's always talked about wanting to build one here to help others.

Also there is certainly a stigma here relating to prescription drug abuse and addiction. There is a HUGE market and whole culture that revolves around the use, sale and abuse of these drugs. Similar to what you might hear about a crack addict. Believe me the only fundamental difference is the drug of choice - the disease process is the same, the withdrawl can be just as difficult and the pull to relapse is very very strong. In my line of work we certainly see lots of people who are arrested for driving under the influence of prescription drugs, even ones that were prescribed for them legitmately. It is also common to see someone busted for having a valium, lortab, xanax, or other controlled drug in the car - especially if it is tucked in their wallet or an unlabeled bottle - even if they can prove that it belongs to them by prescription. We've seen many crack addicts who are housewives, professionals, attorneys, truck drivers, teachers, CEO's - I'm not sure anyone or any class of people is immune. Crack is an epidemic in the area where I live and I am sure in many other towns and communities.

God Bless. We will pray for you and your daughter and keep you both in our thoughts.