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Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies..tell me lies....wait that's a song!! LOL

Yes it sucks, sucks, sucks. That is the hard cold truth. When will it get better? I'm not sure..but it will. Remind me..what day are you on? Usually 4 -7 days is the worst physically....but the anxiety hangs in there. It did for me. I was begging for valium but thankfully my dear friend and PA had the good sense not to give it to me. Within 3 weeks it passed completely - but it was better before that..maybe a week to a week and a half it became manageable.

It sounds nutty but I talked to myself - ALOT. "You can do this, hang on..one more minute..okay one more half hour". Those kinds of things... round and round in my head over and over. I read, I watched movies, I wrote my feelings down on paper...I called people...I read these boards and others. I cried. I threw things..like soft things..but things. Made me feel better a a minute. Threw a few I can't take it anymore hissy fits....finally broke down and cried..really sobbed. I hit my knees and begged for relief and the next morning I woke up and it was gone.

That's all I can tell you. Its my experience. I pray it gives you hope..it will pass. I promise.