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Hi emily
a med that is safe and helpful for everyone is any benzo, that is any valium type med, very good for anxiety and panic attacks and no nasty side effects

sadly many docs now wont prescribe any, wrongly thinking that they are addictive for everyone, they insist on antidsepressants only for anxiety, every med you mention is an antidepressant and I suggest you waste no more time with your present doc and look for a new doc who will prescribe benzos, there are still some around, most are older and so less likely to have been brainwashed against benzos

ask local pharmacists, look for any local anxiety groups, also phone docs and ask the receptionist if doc has a total ban on benzos

you will need to stress that you arent an illegal drug addict who has run out of drugs, offer to have a drug screening test. dont ask for a benzo by name, especially dont ask for xanax, let doc decide which one

be reassured that anxiety and the panic attacks dont kill people, but it can feel as if you are dying at the time :yawn:

stay with us and read all the posts here :jester:
sometimes being alone can be easier if you and a friend both have mobile phones or if you have a dog with you