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Hey man nice post I was wondering if you had any info about methadone. I already know its the worst to get off but do you know approximately how long it take for me to stop feeling like i want to jump out of my skin (hot,cold flashes) basically every w/d symptom. I was addicted to opiates but never herion My drug of choice was oc's, percs, etc. and after a year or two i wanted off so i took methadone constantly so i wouldnt have the craving for oc and then after taking at least a wafer a day for a month or so and suddenly stoped I was feeling extreme w/d. I made an effort to stay clean for 3 weeks and was still feelin hot/cold flashes but then I said to myself I needed to feel better this **** is never gonna pass and I got a pill. I consider myself a heavy user but have cut down alot and here i am asking if you have anything about the time frame of this **** w/d. If you can respond to this it would mean a whole lot to me and possibly save my life. I am tired of wakin up feeling like **** not wanting to get out of bed and I know the only way to kick this is to go cold turkey. I seen a doctor he perscribed me valium. So ive Had some help. Plz if not you can you recomend somebody that could help me. Im only 20yrs old and reading these post of how these drugs have destroyed people lifes..I absolutely wanna Quit and get my life back!