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Here is my benzo rant! What kills me is.....every doc will offer ANY ssri and then ADD a benzo to it. That makes me madd. It's like ok-here-take this SSRI that will cause you to slow down-become lethagic-gain weight-lose hair-lose sleep-BUT I will give you a benzo to "cope" with all the crud that the SSRI will cause you~Egads :(
If the SSRI could stand alone~it would NOT need the help of a benzo would it? Ativan has helped me lead a normal life,including helping my BP to stay down. I would much rather take my low dose bp pill + low dose Ativan than take 3-4 BP meds that have a load of side effects. I know SSRI's have helped many people~but the benzo's have helped people too~often with little or no side effects AND they have been around for decades. That gives me peace of mind. I am in agreement 100% with the poster here who says Addiction and Dependence are 2 different issues. I will never understand why the medical profession has no fear or reservations handing out Lexapro and all the other newbie's without blinking an eye~but treat Ativan or Valium like it is heroin!
If a drug works well for someone and they are seeing a doctor regularly for it~then what is the problem. I swear if we could look into the doc's med cabinet~The SSRI's would be marked "candy" and the benzo's would have a "poison" label over them with a skull and cross bones~LOL!
okay rant over :)RR