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Hopefloats - May I ask how many things and what you were taking per day?

I am fixing to start going cold turkey, well sort of I will take valium to sleep the first few days cause it would be to hard other wise. I ask how many things you take cause I was hoping by 7 days the withdrawls would be gone. Are you still in physical pain? If not what day did that really start to let up. I have only went to days without OC's in a long time and those 2 days were he!! so I know what i'm in for. I am currently taking about 120 - 160 mg's of OC a day. Did you take more or less or was it something else you took? I can't wait to get this over with I want my life back so bad!!!! Hate spending all my time in search of pills I hate it. Also I crush them and eat them so it hits me harder, never snorted any though.

Any info would be nice since I will be going thru something similer soon.