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Thx county.....I went to a doc before i went ct for 3 weeks and he gave me valium for the depression and insomnia. I was doing 40mg but would fluctuate maby taken 20mgs ir 10mgs a day just so i can feel normal. Its just the fact that i went 3 weeks and worrying that ill have the same ****** wd's or worse is hell for me. I appreciate your support and will continue ct i was on day 5 but took a 30mg roxicet and next day here i am I figure if i went three weeks and can really stop this and say to myself "I do not want to be in that postition again from day one". I would really like to quit before my sister comes to visit me on christmas so if i stop now hopefully my wd;s will be gone and ill have energy to spend time with her and have good conversation which i struggle to do so when im not on the pill.