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Oh sas...don't feel that way. You are welcome in any thread you want to jump into. Feel welcome please. That's how we all start here - just jump right in.

If you're withdrawing from opiates there are many on here who have been where you are or are thinking about stopping or are in the middle of withdrawl. Lots of ESH (Experience, Strength, Hope) here.

what did you take? Hydrocodone
how long/how much? over 1 year - highest dose was 50 -75 mg a day
withdrawls/what? yes - chills, aches, goose flesh, stomach, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, moodiness
how long did it last? physical lasted about 4-6 days, emotional - 3 weeks and still occasionally have bad days 74 days later
what did you do to help yourself feel better? hot baths, read, motrin, immodium, nap when possible, read boards, post & vent, go to NA meetings, write & journal, started therapy
any long-term affects from using? not that I can tell
did you use any type of detox? 3 days valium at home - remainder was cold turkey, vitamin supplements, fluids, eat small amounts, prayer & meetings
did it work? yes - thank GOD yes yes yes

Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any issue. Welcome to the boards.