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I did a modified Thomas recipie. Everything pretty much but the L-Tyrosine and it worked for me. Yes I was uncomfortable - but not intolerably. That was jumping off at 30 mg of Hydro a day. The absolute worst part was anxiety and that feeling of wanting to jump clean out of my skin and I think the only thing that helps that is time. I also take an anti-depressant (Prozac) and I do think it helps alot with my state of mind and mood stabilization. I hope to some day stop taking it - but for now I'm pretty stable and so I plan to stay on the AD for a while.

With the benzo's in the Thomas recipie you must be careful of not switching one addiction for another. I personally think that the benzo's should be used only for 3-4 days maximum and then tossed...otherwise with the addict mind we could become dependent on that too. I used 5 mg of Valium once to twice a day for about 3-4 days and then that was it.

Sleep was a problem. i used the relaxation technique that's posted out here and I use Melatonin every night 1 hour before bed. It helps me alot. Might be different for you - but worth a try.