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Thx I will try that too. I just hope I can find someone that can help me with this. As i said my teeth are really bad no aches (yet...knocks really hard on wood. The thing that is complicating this issue is since I was a kid I grinded my teeth really bad and still do at age 34. Over the yrs it has taken it's toll. I have grinded them to the point of where i don't have the tooth just the stump of the roots. I have cracked a few other over the past few weeks. My jaw is killing me - I can't open my mouth sometimes cuz it just hurts and the headaches. I wish I didn't have a really bad fear of the dentist I know I would have not been in the situation I am in now. I swear it takes one bad experience and it scars ya for life. Thats why if i go now I need to be knocked out with IV, given valium as well as notrious-oxide. Anyways it's a new day hopefully i will find something thanks agn for the suggestion I really appreciate it.
Sorry for the delay the holidays you know how that goes. Umm I am waiting on a call back from the University here to see if perhaps they can get me in sooner than end of Jan for intial appt. Tommorrow I will get back on the horn to see if I can find anything through the charties or dental clinics. That place in SC sounds so good but it's go dang far 3000 miles. I mean I will def keep that in mind if all else fails.

What my other plan is if I can't find someone to do the top at a more affordable price. I will just have to get a few pulled at a time. Get my valium and notrious and be done with it.

Thankfully my teeth been ok so far no pain. I have been on antibotic for two teeth that are bad. I have tylenol #3 on hand just in case of pain. He also prescribed me Flexeril a muscle relaxer for grinding/clenching. That has helped alot. No waking up sore jaw or those awful headaches. The thing is I have to take it 3 times a day and has me loopey as heck (hehe) but rather be loopey than risk grinding another tooth off.

As I said in another post I have elimated my sugar intake. Pepsi is evil but so good ( i miss you LOL) I am avioding sugars to help save those bottom ones. No more sweets either - well can't eat anyway as my diet is really limited because I have nothing to chew with at this point. I been eatting soft foods, for snacks I have a yogurt, or some sugar free pudding. Still looking online to see if I can find more things I could eat that are soft and sugar-free.

Anyways keep ya posted...