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First of all, i like the name. I dont know if thats your last name or you took it from the old time boxer Jake Lamotta, who was a great fighter and could have been better if he didnt have such mental issues (As portrayed in the movie "Raging Bull"). But he's my all time favorate athlete.
My own personal experience with panic attacks and panic disorder is that when i don't have restrictions on how long i have to be at a particular place i'm fine. I can go to a store, exercise in the gym, go for walks, even take long drives and things like that because i know i can run home whenever i please. That's the agoraphobia I have. It's when i go to work, where i know i have to be there for about 8 hours a day is when the trouble starts. Even trying to take college courses is a burden for me cuz i know i have to stay there for the duration. So as you can see for me, it's a control issue. This is horrible because when family members and friends see that i'm not working, they think i'm lazy even if i educate them about panic disorder.
Now if you are able to work and take care of yourself, you're doing fine. Going back to work and school is what im trying to achieve.
If your problem is just going into restaurants and buildings and stores, it's like you said. The anticipitory anxiety is kicking in and you might feel as if you're going to be embarrassed if you have an attack in front of people. The good news is, is that you probably know that you cannot die from a panic attack (Although it sure as hell feels like it is at times). I think even when you go into a store and you say you feel fine and then extreme anxiety kicks in, it was always in the back of your mind from the second you got into your car until you walked into the store (What if i have a panic attack thinking)?
I have these irrational fears. I cannot concentrate on the job because i'm constantly worried if i'll go crazy or embarrass myself with a panic attack. Without concentration, i'm not appreciated by my employers too much, obviously.
I dont know if you're on any medications, but drugs from the benzodiazepine family can certainly decrease panic attacks as well as anticipitory anxiety. Be careful, because sometimes these meds work a little too well and some people will take even more than prescribed figuring this will really kill the anxiety. I think that's where the problem of addiction comes in. Most panic sufferers do not become addicted but ofcourse there are a few out there who spiral out of control with these meds and doctors become allarmed. Also drug addicts may take, along with other drugs, enormous amounts of valium or xanax and addiction specialists warn psychiatrists of the dangers.
Then there are the antidepressants. The selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors will most likely be prescribed to you if you see a pdoc. These drugs take many weeks to decrease panic and anticipitory anxiety, if they even work at all. For some they do and some they don't. Anxiety is usually worse during the first couple of weeks with these meds. Iv'e been on these things on and off for the past 5 years, with some success (just now was put back on zoloft).
Antipsychotic drugs are even being advocated for panic. I don't have a clue how they work for people. I don't think many panic sufferers are prescribed these meds. I know that they too, may take some weeks to achieve maximum benefit.
The biggest key is to not be anxious about the anxiety. I dont know exactly how to do that or else i wouldnt even be on the boards. Fighting and running from panic makes the condition worse. If panic strikes, you have to accept any kind of strange bodily symtoms caused by anxiety that you feel. Walk in the store and say, i'm gonna accept and float along past any heart palpitations, choking sensations, shallow breathing, etc. Just bringing some xanax or other benzo with you can make you feel reassured that you have something that will help rapidly if the panic gets out of hand. Let your arms dangle, do not tense up at all. Let your body do whatever. It's tricking you, and you wont die. My opinion is that you probably get anxious over being petrified if you have a panic attack like your first one. I think the first panic attack was the worst one a panic disorder sufferer ever had. It's like nothing a healthy individual has ever fealt or could even imagine. Then that's when the anticipitory anxiety and the "what if" thinking takes over. That's panic disorder. It's like an obsession. No matter how you feel when you wake up in the morning, get up and go. Even with medications, that's the only way panic sufferers can overcome this potentially debilitating disorder. Is to "go" and "accept". Once you truly accept the symtoms and let the time pass, fear subsides. Once fear is gone, panic disorder is gone.
Once again easier said then done. I'm trying to take my own advice. Accept the symtoms and let time pass. If the symtoms are still there, keep letting time pass. Once you have 100% acceptance, goodbye panic attacks.
good luck