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Day 2 - didn't sleep well at all last night. Tonight i'll take valium and sleep like a baby - i have a scrip for it. It helps - knocks me out.

I had a rough day 2 - mentally - I feel this void inside me and seem to have little motivation. I'll focus on staying busy. I keep thinking about my DOC and almost missing it. I know better. I have to stop thinking about it.

I'm familiar with the 12 steps. Thanks! I'm glad it works for many of you.

Well i'm kind of disappointed that I feel like I do today. But in the end i'm glad that I made it a day without drugs. That's all I can do today.

One day at a time.
How did you end up sleeping last night? What valium do they have you on? I really hope it worked for you. That is on the of the worst things about w/d, the not being able to sleep... it is so debilitating. I hope you are feeling better today! Let us know!
Night 2 - I didn't sleep hardly at all. I didn't take the valium. It's just plain old 5mg valiums a doctor gave me a year or so ago that I only take when i'm coming off and can't sleep.
But - night 3 - I slept well - still no valiums. The natural sleep helps more than anything and if I can i'll sleep all I can.
Today wraps up Day 8 and i'm starting to break thru. I feel alive again. I'm starting to feel better physically and mentally. I have energy and am starting to enjoy the little things in life again. I'm sleeping now without the valium although I needed it to sleep for a few nights. I forgot how great it feels to get off of this stuff!