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Well, they seem pretty constant to me. I think she is a lot better now that her life isn't in as much negative turmoil. I know what you mean about the financial aspect...money is hard to come by and wasting it causes more stress, I think.

My opinion about anxiety is that anti-depressants don't help. I think the helpful meds are anti-anxiety meds, benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium or Klonopin. Also, if anxiety causes insomnia, a sleep medication would be important, because lack of sleep totally compounds the problems of anxiety. The main thing that is important is to try to resolve the anxiety-producing problems in your life. You can do that with therapy, or you can try to identify what is bothering you and do something about it. There are self-help books that are helpful and cost way less than therapy. The goal is to use the medicines as needed until you can come to a place where there is peace in your life. Also, you may always need to have some medicine around for rough times that pop up.

I'm not an expert...these are just my observations from suffering myself and watching family members suffer. I hope you will find some relief. I know how troubling this is for you. Take care. :)