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:) HiGL,
This is my 2nd post and I will try to help. I am in the medical profession so I have a 2 sided view. Fist of all, do a search on this board and there is a 'receipe' for the c/t method. Meanwhile, expect diarrhea, chills, lethargy, irritation, and 'flu' like symptoms for the first 4-5 days. Try some immodium (large doses) I believe it is 2 mg for every 100mg of vicoden/loracet he was taking. Also a benzodiazepine(xanax, valium, ativan) can help as well. MOST addicts only have a problem w/their DOC so don't worry about the 'benzo'. Immodium is opiate based and helps with the w/d as well as runs. Lots of water, hot showers, and I used 800mg of Motrin (this is the prescription strength) 4-200mg pills every 4 hours. I hope this helps. Good luck ;) LisaC