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Great idea for a post topic! Very interesting to see how things are in other parts, I live in Kentucky. Sadly this state has had an awful time with people and Oxy mostly out in the eastern part of the state but all over to some point. Anyways due to this and other things rx's are just a huge pain(lol) most of the time, on top of that I'm a 22 y/o male so I'm sure that doesnt help things. Several times over the summer I would go to my pharmacy to fill a script for darvocet and then also adderall and valium from a different doc and I would get all kinds of stuff from the pharms. They would look at me weird, ask a lot of questions, call my docs, make me wait forever everything it seems under the sun. So much in fact that I ended up writing a letter to the Walgreens national office to let them know how upset they had made me how I planned on taking my business elsewhere and i did and will never go to a walgreens again to fill something! This was just with something like darvocet I can only imagine what would of happen if it was percs or oc's I was getting!