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Hi Maria,

Some gynocologist, mine included think that there are different pain meds for female problems than for other illnesses. They can give you muscle relaxers, which do help with the pain. But, some of them hardly help at all. And it depends on how long you are going to take them and if you are going to try and work while taking them and if you have children to watch after.

That said, the only pain medications that I have ever taken, were for frozen shoulder, arthritis, sprained ankle and female problems. Hydrocodone works well. It comes in at least 2 strengths. I have only ever taken 5 mg. It also comes in 7.5 mg. I now take Tramadol (Ultram) and it works some. But not as good as hydrocodone. Tramadol is not as addicting or liable to get you hooked. It takes 2 hours for it to work to its fullest. The hydrocodone, takes 1 hour to work to its fullest.

There are lots more meds, but I do not know how they work or if they take a long time. Muscle relaxers help and valium helps. Maybe someone will reply in the am. If you are going to a doctor, it is best not to suggest a certain type of pain meds. Most doctors do not like that. They think you are searching for drugs. Just sort of work with them and talk to them and tell them what you have already taken and why it did not work.

Sorry, that I cannot be of more help.

You may want to go to the pain board.