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Hi Cartell,
My doctor told me from the very start to try and deal with the vertigo without meds, but it is easier said than done. He prescribed me prochlorperazine to help me on the bad days and said dont take it all the time or it will become less effective. I found that I had to take 2 times his specified dosage to help with the vertigo, so I then went back to his earlier advice and dealt with it, without meds.. My biggest problem was trying to overcome the anxiety, that just seems to make the dizzyness unbearable. He then prescribed me an anti-depressant, and I have found that since taking these, that the vertigo is much more bearable and I have not taken the prochlorperazine since.. If my problem worstens, then I will speak to him about taking valium instead of what he prescribed me. I am not a big fan of taking any medication (plus I have a strong stomach), and I think I will try to overcome my symptoms on the anti-depressants and blood pressure tabs until hopefully one day I wake up on dry land, instead of a spinning boat!!
I'm in the same boat (no pun intended, lol) as you, when it comes to not wanting to take prescriptions. I'm sure any benzo would help with our symptoms immensly, but they are just covering up the symptoms. This is only my opinion, so those of you out there taking something for your symptoms of vertigo, please don't take this as an attack. Now for the very bad days when the vertigo is at its worst, I could definitely use a benzo of somesorts to deal with the spinning. I'm just worried that if I start taking them, that I would end up taking them everyday for my symptoms and the actual benzo do not help with crystals in the ear or ear problems - to my knowledge at least.
This being said, I have been very close to asking my doctor for a prescription of valium, xanax, or klep (sp?).