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It could be the cymbalta itself.I have spasticity problems with both my legs ever since my spinal cord injury and the cymbalta really enhanced those AND also actually caused this really really incredibly bad restless leg syndrome from hell.I was also experiencing really bad nausea that became much worse when at the one moth of being on it i went from the starting dose of the 30mgs up to only forty.i HAD to go off of it asap as I could not even lie down at all anymore to actually sleep because of that RLS effect,it was THAT bad.

did your doc give you any sort of explanation as to just why your post op pain is actually getting worse and not better as it should be?i would try and find THAT out asap.
since you have had problems in taking sleep meds in the past,maybe some sort of a tranquilizer before bed,like valium would serve you much better.it could also help with some of your pain if there is any sort of a muscle issue involved.I know with all three of my surgerys I developed some really incredible trigger points(muscle wads?)they pop in just from the inflammation that comes along with actual surgery.

sorry I couldnot help you with the lunesta/ambien thing.but you could try some of the suggestions i mentioned.I really do think the valium would really be a much better choice,depending on the reason for that increase of it.THAT needs to be looked into as well.I hope you can get some sleep soon and find the reason for the increase in your post op pain.Good luck,Marcia
My experience is with Ambien, Ive taken it for a while but have never tried other meds. Ambien recently changed their basic sleep med due to a lot of people having the same things and worse side effects. The original form was more of a sedative than sleep med so side effects were very common. The new for is called Ambien CR and is a slow release form and one that has eliminated many of the common side effects that people were dealing with. The other common med that can be used would be a member of the benzo family that is xanax, valium, ect these are more sedative like and can react badly with some people so you must be careful with these and they can become habit forming if used for a long time in large doses....Give Ambien CR a try, most likely you would have to get it from your gp or perhaps your PM but its worked really well for me and I deal with chronic pain.
Hey Ingy, Rather than specifically asking for a med, because you really don't know what will work if you haven't tried it, I would leave he chice up to the doc, It is trial and eror just like treating pain, adjusting s dose or picking amed. There are 3 basic tyes of sleep meds, the first is barbitiuates which are rarely used after all the Seconol abuse, the second is meds in the benzodiazapine Fanily, Xanax, Ativan, klonopin, Valium, Restoril. These meds are mrore prone to dependence, cause amnesia, and withdrawal frm benzo is very bad, worse than opiates because of the risk of seizures.

So some docs won't prescribe a benzo. Valium is by far the best muscle relaxer, but many docs won't prescribe it. Klonopin is great for RLS if the parkinsons meds don't work. Each benzo is a little different in it's length of action and other effects. Some are short acting , some long, some are prescribed for anxiety, Restrorillis specific for sleep, Some are used as anti seizure meds and some are great muscle relaxers. But they are fall in that same class of drug

Since the creation of the new meds like Ambien, Sonata and lunesta, more docs have gotten away from the benzo and try the new class or 3rd class of sleeping meds. They aren't benzo's but cause many of the same negative side effcts, like memory loss, sleep walking, and an amnesia type of effect of what you have done during the night. The Ambien CR is a good idea in theory, but I guess we wait and see. This clas hit the market hard as a non benzo "addicting" safe sleep aid. Rarely do meds live up to their clams when marketed this hard and agressively. Thee isn't much chmical difference between Sonata and Ambien, Lunesta s the newer one, but it doesn't mean an old cheapy won't work if this hasn't been a chronicproblem for years where you aave tried everything.

If you do use a sleep med every night it will loose it's effectvenes very qickly. Some of the anti Depressants are also used. Elevill makes you sleepy and also mayhelp with nerve pain. All the antiD's are supposed to help with nerve pain by inhibiting sunstance P, a mnuero inflamatory agent. But other Anti-D's like Trazadone and Remeron can also be used for both pain and the side effect it makes you sleepy. The bad thing about antiD's for sleep is the dry mouth and the dame it can do after time to your teeth.

The best bet is probably rotaing different meds from different classes and learning not to use them every night. I've tried them all and haven't slept more than 4 hours straight since my last surgery in 99.

The 3rd surgery where they removed broken hardware and fused my entire spineto my sacrum and it failed yada yada. Turned out it wrecked my life. But anyway, Back to sleep, You really have to just do the trial and error thing. What works for one may be terible for another. My experience with the old Ambien was I could fall asleep but never more than a couple hours, then I would wander the house, smoke cigs and burn holes in everything, particularly my thighs where I have no feeling. I finally stopped using it when I tried to make the bed at 3am with my wife still in it. I can fall asleep, but staying alseep is the problem.

I was takng to my shrink the other day and he said the greatest amount of research going on right now is in the sleep aid field. The baby boomers are getting older, sleep is a notorious problem for older folks and it's a huge market with few choices that really work.Hopefullya new breed of sleep aid will hit the market and actually worked when needed for prolonged use.

Short term, cetainly something will help and get you by because of yourlack of tolerance to sleep aids. Long term, it becomes a maint thing you have to control, rotate meds and just except you can't take a pill every night and sleep and not expect it to lose effectiveness. The amount of pain you're in makes a difference or how well it's controlled.Restless leg is a problem with spine injuries and the use of opiates for any reason. Your activity in the day, if your sedentary sleep is harder to come by. Unfortunately it's not uncommon to meet a CP patient that hasn't had a decent nights sleep in years, it just becomes part of the CP experience.
Good luck, Dave
Before my back surgury 12/10/04, I was prescribed Ambien, in conjunction with Elavil and Valium and a muscle relaxer. Due to the level of pain I was having I did not I found I could GO to sleep, but could not STAY asleep. The nerve was severly crushed and I was in horrible pain. My surgery (Hemi-Lami and Micro-D) was a success, however, after Hurricane Katrina, I was cleaning up and raking my yard and re-herniated that same disc. I had another MRI on 11/1. I am now smack dab back where I was prior to my surgery a year ago. I can't lay down for more than 2 hours due to pain. About the only thing I can do is sit!

When my symptoms first started getting so bad that it interfered with sleep, I was put back on Ambien and Elavil, and a muscle relaxer. I ran out of the Elavil some time ago, and just never asked to have them re-filled. My NS now has me on Lunesta. I take it in conjunction with a muscle relaxer. Again, I can go to sleep, but can't stay asleep! He put me on the lunesta because he said it was supposed to help with the issue of staying asleep. The pain is just too deep. The MRI results show several things going on that attribute to the terrible pain. The re-hernaited disc, scar tissue has "encircled the nerve root", and the two discs above L-5/S-1 now have bone spurs and buldges!
I had my f/u appointment with the PM doc today. I had a ESI with fluorscopy on 11/17, and he scheduled a 2nd on for next Monday. At this point, My GP is still handling all my meds, and the PM told me to ask him to increase my pain meds from Lortab 10 to something stronger! I'm lucky that all three docs work together, and communicate with each other very well.

I just want to sleep when I'm supposed to..lol and for more than two hours. I think I will ask the doc to put me back on Elavil and Valium for a short period to get some rest. :yawn: Fatigue does not help my situation, and my blood pressure was EXTREMELY high today for me...It's always 110/80 and today was 134/121...the nurse took it twice because she noted that it was very high!

Shore is right, Sleep is a valuable commodity for those in PAIN, and I am still working full time as a college instructor. Tomorrow (or should I say today) is one of my "long days" where I teach a night class too! I'm tired, frustrated, in pain and scared all at the same time! And it just sucks.

I really haven't noticed a big difference between the Ambien and the Lunesta...but that may just be me.

Good luck finding what works for you. You may have to try several different options. Oh how I wish I could go back to the days when I could take a Tylenol PM and sleep thru the night or a Benedryl and sleep! Those were the days! :(

Sorry for the long read...I probably gave you way more info than you wanted! :(