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Hello Everyone :wave:

Well Thursday morning I am having my wisdoms taken out. I have 3 that came in, not a 4th. The 2 on the bottom are out and look like normal teeth. The other tooth on the top right is a HALF of tooth and decaying. I have problems on my right side with both wisdoms, I have had pain for 3 months now. I cant wait to get them pulled out.

I am not going under with Anesthesia. The surgeon suggests I remain awake because the teeth are out and not impacted. I will have local Novocain. I am real nervous. Any suggestions for me??? I hope someone responds.

I made some homemade ice packs for when I get home.

I am really nervous to be awake for this, but I think I can handle it.

My suggestion: Ask the surgeon for IV sedation anyway, or at least to give you Halcion, Ativan or Valium before your appointment because it helps SO MUCH. I had conscious sedation for my wisdom teeth 2 weeks ago (one grew in horizontal) and I also had a molar pulled and an implant installed into my jaw. 3 of my wisdoms were exposed, but even if he had suggested that it wouldn'tbe worth the time or money to "go under" I would have insisted because I am already terrified of the dentist and remembering an experience such as wisdom tooth extractions could make me feel even more anxious about everything and I am trying to get OVER my fears. I would suggest IV sedation anyway, it will help you a great deal and it is your money, it is completely worth it.
good luck!