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hey guys this is my first time to write a thread. i am fixing to start treatment for soma valium lortab and of course alcohol. this has ruined my life. i have a 3rd dwi and am scared to death of going to prison, especially with a young daughter. i have been through several rehabs already and none have seemed to work. it seems like all they want to do is shove more pills down my throat! how does that help?? does anyone have a similar experience? any advice? my family does not understand what the heck is wrong with me. i don't either. but i know i can't go one living like this. lying, stealing, hiding thing from my husband and he said he doesn't even give a ***** anymore. i feel like i'm so alone in this.
You came to the right place sizenbach. You are NOT alone. So you are addicted to valium, lortabs, and alcohol? What is your daily consumption of each? How long have you been addicted? Just some general questions to better understand your situation so we can try and give you the best advice, support, and friendship. This board is wonderful for all of that. It has been so good for me. Have you decided how you are going to try quitting? Tapering? Cold Turkey? Keep posting no matter what you decide. It really does help to "talk" to people who understand what you are going through. And don't feel like something is "wrong" with you, addiction is a disease. You have to fight the disease now. Good luck and WELCOME!!!