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Hi Karen and Whirlgirl,
I am wondering if you two are on any meds, like an antidepressant and/or something for anxiety? I have been on valium for 25 years and other benzos as well as every antidepressant made. I thought at first the meds were working and anyway I am supposed to do what the doctor says, right? I have been hospitalized 40-50 times in the past 25 years, 2 times in the last 8 mths. plus 2 trips to the ER because of severe panic attacks and irritable bowel syndrome, vomiting & diarrhea until I am very dehydrated, and more. Well I was doing some research on my meds in January and I found out that after you take these kinds of meds for a little while, or a long while in my case, your body builds up a tolerance and when you reach your tolerance level, then the meds are not doing you any good any more, they start to work against you and the symptoms from this may be very much like the symptoms for which the meds were originally prescribed. That is what I found out when I read the Ashton Manual and I am doing a slow taper off of valium now, then I will taper off of the tofranil, then the inderal that I have to take because the antidepressant causes me to have a rapid heartbeat and slightly high BP. If you do a google search you can find Ashton Manual, it's not real long, but when I read it a light lit up and I said, "It all makes sense now, it is the meds!" I have not been sick since I found that forum, I am down from 30mg of valium per day to 10mg per day, and even though I am continuing to have withdrawal symptoms, I know that they will pass. I have to do this for myself, I have to get my life back and be able to work. A whole lot of time and money has been wasted while I have been sick all these years and nobody could tell me why, what is wrong, what is making me sick. I have been to 6 or 7 shrinks, but I only liked 2, one moved and the other one died, but my opinion on shrinks is that all they do is write prescriptions, they want you to stay sick and keep coming back. I may be wrong but I have tried every kind of doctor, had every test more than once, went to a hospital in Houston, TX thinking that they might have smarter docs there, but they didn't. This is my only hope, that once I get all of the meds out of my body and get thru the withdrawal, then maybe I will be fun loving, outgoing self again. I think it's worth a try and very doable. Maybe that info can be of some help to one of you. Sorry I rambled on and on, I just get so frustrated and depressed over not having a normal life, my illness is the only thing that depresses me. I want answers, not pills. They call that addiction by prescription and I am tired of it.