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I also took an SSRI and a benzodine daily when pregnant with my 4th child he is fine! As someone else said some doctors are ok with it and some are not with my fifth child my doctor had me wean off the SSRI I was taking and lucky me I felt fine through the whole pregnancy..it is true sometimes when pregnant the anxiety majorly decreases I am not sure why though.Like with my 4th I had heart palpitations very often and with my 5th I had hardly any.
As far as the safety of the meds during pregnancy some doctors say there are no worries when taking a low dose anti depressant when preg and others just do not like the idea at all.I would be more cautious about a benzo or valium then I would an anti depressant there is a small chance of cleft palate or lip i believe when taking a benzo throught pregnancy and of course the withdrawl I do believe any pregnant woman who takes a benzo during pregnancy can expect her baby to go through withdrawl after birth but as someone else already stated if its a low dose you are taking the withdrawl will be minimal and nothing major I didnt notice any with my 4th son.

When you decide to try and get pregnant just discuss all this with your doctor