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prozac is the only SSRI that does not cause weight gain. I am sorry but my shrink told me effexor is not a good med to be perscribed for anxiety. It does not work for anxiety as well as the SSRI's and is much more suited for only depression. He said for someone with severe depression it is his first med of choice~!

Everyone reacts to these drugs in a different manner. I was put on Prozac several years ago. I felt fine for the first week. The next week I was driving myself to the emergency room. I felt like I wanted to hurt myself. The doctor told me this med was too strong for me and gave me a valium. I was then switched to Ativan.

This past year I have been on Ativan and Effexor XR because this seems to be the only combination I can tolerate, after trying a number of different drugs. One of the possible side effects of Effexor is "decrease in appetite". I have not gained any weight using Effexor nor do I have much of an appetite. I have not had a panic attack in over a year since I have been on this medication.

I can only give my experiences however there can be all different outcomes when taking these meds. Your doctor has to work with you to find that combination, and yes I was more than just a little depressed. I just did not want to be admitted to the hospital.