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Perhaps your panic attack was set off by the lowering of your medicine. I'm on zoloft, but I understand it's not uncommon to get withdrawal symptoms no matter how slowly you may try to get off the medicine.

I can go for periods in which I'm "okay" and then for no reason I'll get my symptoms. It's true - the body is doing it's own thing even though your mind is thinking clearly. Panic and anxiety go hand in hand with inner ear problems. During the times I can't cope with it, I take a valium. The whole thing is awful and unfair. My episodes are fewer and farther apart and for that I'm grateful. Maybe that's the way it fades out.

No matter how bad you feel, keep it mind that it will get better...simply because it always does.

Hi Lynda - appreciate your reply on this and that you experience the same effect as me - ie, feeling sound mentally while the body goes berserk. I just took some valium actually and will be upping the SSRI back up again tonight. Just need to remember this thing can be normalised quite quickly by these meds and hope it works again for me. There's always that fear that I will be stuck in this place for eternity while it's all on.

Hi Sheri,

It's nearly time for me to go to bed and I'm noticing that my anxiety levels are really up again for no good reason. I have to tell you I'm dreading going to bed with this. What I'm wondering though is have you ever experienced a phenomenon called "rebound anxiety"? I've never had that happen on valium but tonight it feels like it could be happening because of the Ativan. Not sure. The half life of Ativan is 16 hours and it seems like the anxiety is now worse than yesterday (or the day before). It got worse as the late afternoon approached. I'm not sure I should use it really. I think tonight I'll take some valium and try not to rely on Ativan. I can easily see how dependency can occur on these meds. The withdrawal from a completely addicted body must be horrific.

Anyway, I just hope by some miracle that I can sleep without waking tonight.

Hope you're ok Sheri....Scott
Having an inner ear problem will invoke anxiety even in people who consider themselves calm. If you're somewhat highstrung (as I am), then it becomes almost impossible to deal with.

When I originally came down with my problem, I was very harsh on myself. I did not know that an inner ear problem can be the cause of unprovoked anxiety. I didn't know that the unreal, foggy feelings that I was experiencing was a part of the same syndrome. It took a long time for me to realize that I was not 'purposely' evoking these feeling. In fact, it was not psychological in nature. What was psychological was the way I chose to react to it.

It was a long hard battle for me. In the course of my battle, I got addicted to valiums. Valiums proved to be a lifesaver, but in the long run they were devastating. It made me depressed and whenever I tried to cut back I would get a rebound effect. I realized I was addicted and with the help of a doctor I weaned myself off of them very slowly. I was given lexapro during that time which made it easier to do so. Valiums are wonderful if used in small amounts for those times when you truly can't cope. They become addicting if used in large quantities over an extended period of time.

I'm presently on zoloft for my condition. I have a vestibular problem in both ears - both are partially damaged. I was told it was due to a virus (which of course means they don't know.) I'm doing much better now because I'm working on all fronts. I exercise daily, eat well, meditate, try to minimize any stresses in my life and keep a positive attitude. It seems to be working. However, I'm not fooling myself. I know I'll always have 'attacks'. I'm better prepared now and so I have minimized the intensity of these events. Experience tells me that it will go away.

Bottom line. My situation is pretty intense, but with all that I can say I'm doing very well and am functioning just fine. I'm leaving out alot of details because I can write a book on this subject!!

I believe with time most things get resolved. Go with your gut feelings. We have to be our own doctors. Once your anxiety is under control, you'll be able to assess your situation. It takes a long time, but it can be done. We all have to hang in there!

Hi Scott & Lynda,
Thanks for sharing your experience Lynda - glad to know that you're at the point where you feel things are good and under control - and I know we will get to that point too. I know exactly what you mean by not knowing at the beginning that the anxiety and brain fog was associated with but separate from the vestibular disorder - I know that I felt I could not tell what was causing what for the longest time and, as with you, how I dealt with it was causing me more psychological stress than accepting it as "normal" part of the vestibular disorder would have. I did, as you seem to have, get to the point where I could distinguish between the physiological symptoms of an "attack" of vertigo and the physiological symptoms of anxiety/panic - and for the most part I am still able to do that on a conscious level - my problem right now (as Scott is experiencing as well) is that these anxiety / panic symptoms are happening before I am fully awake - whether it's triggered by vertigo when I turn over in bed, or by dreams, etc.- the fact is that they have been programmed into my long term memory - and so my body/mind automatically goes there when I am not conscious to suppress it. I realize what's happening as soon as I wake up - but at that point I'm already in the midst of it - and it has been happening so often that I am losing a lot of sleep and feeling pretty dragged out during the day - with more symptoms that are new to me - such as "drop attacks" (I've had 2 now) - so I feel as if I'm going into a downward spiral. I am trying my best to deal with all of this without meds, I prefer CBT and have had success with it, but right now I seem to be "stuck" and I'm not sure how to stop the continuation of feeling like I'm going backwards.
Scott, I cannot honestly answer your question about "rebound anxiety" because I don't know for sure - but I don't think it's the case with Ativan, because I still have the same prescription that I was given two years ago when this thing started - I have not used it very much at all. I tried it again last night, with the same result of going back to sleep more quickly the first time I woke up, but the second time I awoke (~1 1/2 hours later), I felt very, very disoriented - more than usual - and I can only think it's from the Ativan - and it was an awful feeling - I think I really scared my husband because I was just "out of it" - not making any sense and very agitated - so I think I'll consider the Ativan experiment a done deal - and go back to the CBT - I don't know - I'm out of answers. I was given Valium very early on (2 years ago), but I did not like how I felt and I knew it could be very addictive, so I discontinued the prescription. I hope to get some relief soon - I know what you mean by being a little "anxious" about going to bed - and I experienced another "no warning / no vertigo / just hitting the ground" attack today - took my boys to the ski hill ~ 1/2 hour drive from home and fell when I was walking from my vehicle to the chalet (no strong prairie farm girl to catch me this time!). It is such an awful feeling - even though I do not experience vertigo with it, which is a blessing, I guess, but I don't like the thought of adding new experiences to my repertiore at this point.
I think tonight I'll try the warm bath, warm milk, meditation approach - it's a much better "fit" for my personality anyway.
Oh Scott, I do so wish that we weren't sharing this experience, but hopefully between the two of us (& suggestions from others) it'll be behind us soon - and we both know it will get better, but somehow that thought is really difficult to hang onto in the middle of the night! I'm just going to try to remain calm, positive and have patience - here's to you and sweet dreams, Scott... positive vibes... take care...
Hi Sheri, Lynda and FC,

Just thought I'd update what has been happening for me. I ended up having a really great consultation with a counsellor I saw back in July a few days ago. I worked on dealing with this phd deadline and really feel as though I put it to rest for now. Since the consult any psychogenic anxiety levels have dropped to near zero again. Last night I slept right through without any meds although woke still feeling somewhat agitated but really good and happy nonetheless.

But here's the shocker and I wonder if it could be some rebound from the Ativan I took twice in a row (but not last night). Today, after getting up, I checked email on the Mac as per usual only today it produced massive disorientation within 10 min. All the way to the university I was feeling really out of it with disoreintation and slight vertigo. Once at the university I attempted to get back to work and just ignore the symptoms as I usually do. When I do this, things usually subside. Not today. What followed was a HUGE attack...really severe. Hot flushes, noise bothering me, doom feelings, tremors and of course more of the surrealism. It was just totally out of proportion with all that I've been going through over the last 4 weeks. Do you guys think it's some rebound reaction to the Ativan? I have read that it is a seriously addictive benzo. But after two doses it seems ridiculous that I would have a reaction already. But what else could it be? I really feel like I'm coming down off a drug today in a big way. Amazingly, valium has never had this effect on me ever.

Sheri, I cannot help but wonder if it's the Ativan that is knocking you around more than you realise. I know of one guy here in Australia who took it for a number of months. He went through a withdrawal process that was horrific. He couldn't believe how bad it was. Anyway, I'm really sorry to hear about these drop attacks. That is really nasty stuff going on and so hope it just takes a hike for you. I can imagine how much more stressful that feels wondering why that is happening in the first place. Dam these inner ear problems.

I think I'll be staying well away from Ativan too from now on until things stabilise. This is crazy.


edit: I found this on the MIMs drug info pages
[QUOTE]Rebound phenomena have been described in the context of benzodiazepine use. Rebound insomnia and anxiety mean an increase in the severity of these symptoms beyond pretreatment levels following cessation of benzodiazepines. Rebound phenomena in general possibly reflect re-emergence of pre-existing symptoms combined with withdrawal symptoms described earlier. Some patients prescribed benzodiazepines with very short half-lives (in the order of two to four hours) may experience relatively mild rebound symptoms in between their regular doses. Withdrawal/rebound symptoms may follow high doses taken for relatively short periods.